FNP Next Steps is an improvement and innovation programme made up of four areas of work:

  • ADAPT (Accelerated Design and Programme Testing) - a process that uses 'rapid cycle innovation' to develop and test adaptations to the programme to improve outcomes for clients and make FNP more flexible, personalised and cost-effective.

  • Knowledge and Skills Exchange -  supporting the sharing of learning between services in order to increase local capacity and impact and improve cost-effectiveness.

  • Universal improvements - to improve the overall quality and efficiency of FNP and help sites to better meet local priorities.

  • Demonstrating impact - using a range of specially designed tools and approaches to highlight the effect of FNP and support local teams to improve performance and collect, understand and share date.

We are also developing a new system-wide approach to delivering services locally that enables more families to benefit from FNP methods and practises.


Accelerated design and programme testing


Knowledge and Skills Exchange


System Wide Approach


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